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Alka Pure Water NJ Makes People Happy and Healthy

To be healthy, we as humans must start with the most basic building blocks.
In fact, humans are primarily water. Pure Water is one MAJOR KEY to our health and long life! Therefore, Alka Pure Water NJ provides your Purified Water and Alkaline Water altered to be around 9 pH to enhance the human body.

Great tasting, pure and healthy for you.

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What Reverse Osmosis Purification Removes For You

Our Industrial Grade Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Machine REMOVES ALL THESE HARMFUL ITEMS:

Maxi-Cure Filter removes: Chlorine, Chloramines, Solvants, Lead, Insecticides, Gases and other harmful contaminants

Pre-Filter Removes: Particles, sediment and ALGAE

In addition, water is squeezed through a semipermeable 0.0002 micron membrane filter which only allows pure water molecules to pass for the best tasting water that you will love.

Our machine has many more filters than just these three that purify water and a whole section dedicated to just producing Alkaline Water.

As a result of this basic information, we have a detailed 11 step purification process. Purity is our goal so you need know all about it.

Read about our purification process.

Reverse Osmosis Water Machine In Alka Pure Water NJ

Do We Deliver?

We certainly do. In fact, we have a whole page describing our delivery process. You can view it here:  Get Purified Water Delivered To Your Home

What is Alkaline Water and Why in the World Would I Need To Drink It?

Alkaline water restores your pH Balance in your body. If you have ever felt tired or get sick it is partially due too your bodies pH levels being off.

Read more about this here: Alkaline water basics and benifits

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