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Get Alkaline Water Delivery NJ to Your Home

So you need to Get Alkaline Water Delivery in NJ and more specifically – Union City, Jersey City, Hoboken, Secaucus? Maybe, Purified Ice, Purified Water and Alkaline Water? Get water delivered to your home 7 days a week. Get a delivery weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even bi-monthly. Above All, We Do Not Charge A Sign Up Fee! No more lugging bottles, heavy lifting and trips that waste your time and gas. Time is money. Keep reading for the cost details.

The Alkaline Water Delivery NJ Radius

Alka Pure Water NJ is delivering based on a radius of 5 miles of the store. As a result, we are always looking to hire a few more drivers and expand that radius. Therefore, customers outside the 5 miles need to check back once a month for changes.

Alkaline Water Delivery NJ Coverage

From 80th street in North Bergen (North of us), to Sip Avenue in Jersey City (South of us), to the Hackensack River (West of us) and to the Hudson River to the East of us. As a result, anything beyond this and we will set a special price per order.

Delivery charge

Within the 3 mile radius, our delivery charge water is only $2 a 5 gallon bottle. This charge goes directly to our drivers. So then, ordering for the month in bulk would be the best choice for any household.

Special Alkaline Water Delivery Nj

Once in a while we do go beyond our radius for clients with special delivery needs. These customers order a minimum of 5 or more 5 gallon bottles per month. They generously give bit extra to get serviced in locations outside our area. We understand there are still areas that do not have a delivery service available and we try to accommodate them.


Yes! We have delivery personnel that deliver by walking. So, a half mile from the store we deliver by shoe-leather-express. Since there are no travel expenses and only time expense, we believe that $1 per bottle is adequate compensation for this service. It helps the older folks in our community the most!

To Tip or Not to Tip – This Is An Important Decision.

We do recommend that you tip the delivery personnel. Due to this fact, the delivery charge takes care of the gas or time and that is it. Most of our delivery personnel get thirsty or hungry along the way and their only option is a convenience store. Due to, them carrying heavy water in and out and up and down stairs. A tip is like a pat on the back that they are appreciated.

Likewise, Coffee is around $3 these days. Therefore, $1 or $2 makes anyone happy! It is a win-win for all!

How do I get Alkaline Water Delivery?

Finally, To Get Alkaline Water Delivery in North NJ now you have three options:

Visit us at 2020 Bergenline Avenue Union City, NJ 07087


Order by Phone: 201-758-5626


Order by Form: Order Water / Pedir agua

Get Water Delivered to Your Home In Union City, NJ
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Phone: 201-758-5626

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