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Purified Water Products Trusted By Alka Pure Water

Below you will find 7 categories of the safest Purified Water Products we can find.

We have hand picked them based on being BPA Free. Above all, plastics should be kept away from any heat sources to be completely safe. Furthermore, replacing an older reusable bottle for a new one periodically is highly recommended.

Here is an article on a Wiki that explains BPA Health Effects in detail.

We have many of these items in our physical store however, there are many other sources that can be either, cheaper, better for you, better quality. They will be listed with a “*Recommended” mark near them and the source will be cited. These sources may or may not benefit us financially and you should be aware of this fact.

In any event, we deem them to be better in some way than comparable products that we may sell at our physical store.

By clicking on a picture or link it will take you directly to a product page of that item for deeper understanding of that items information.


View all 5 Gallon Bottles Currently In Stock. Comes with a top made specifically for Dispensing Machines
View all 5 Gallon Bottles w/machine top
View all 5 Gallon Bottles Currently In Stock. Comes with a screw on top. Used for: Crocks, Storage and machines with NO prong in the center.
View all 5 Gallon Bottles w/screw top
View all 1 gallon sport water bottle currently in Stock  These are made for the gym or small enough for refrigerator usage. Currently in Stock
1 gallon sport water bottle or refrigerator bottle.


A bottle is only as effective as the delivery route used to get from the bottle to your cup. A pump is a cheap effective way to get water from a 5 gallon if you do not want to buy a crock or a dispensing machine.

We have these in store but it is just as effective to buy them from Amazon.

5 Gallon Electric Water Pump   *Recommended buy from Amazon. Cheap, fast delivery at a good price. Buy from Amazon.   

Electric Pump for 5 Gallon Water Bottles
Electric Pump for 5 Gallon Water Bottles

5 Gallon Manual Hand Purified Water Pump Dispenser

Hand pump for 5 gallon water bottles
Get fresh purified water directly from the 5 gallon with this handy, hand pump.

Sport Bottles

These bottles are smaller than one gallon in size therefore, they are great for a jog in the park, time at the gym or a hard day at work. Many sizes to choose from, lots of colors and different size mouths.

  • 1 Gallon
  • 1/2 gallon sports water bottle
  • 32 OZ. Bottles
  • 30 OZ. Bottles
  • 24 OZ. Bottles
  • 22 OZ. Bottles
  • 20 OZ. Bottles
  • 16 OZ. Tumblers
  • 1.5 Liter Bottle
  • 1 Liter Bottle
  • BPA FREE Sport Bottles
  • Polycarbonate Sport Bottles

Water Crocks

Water crocks keep your water cool but not cold like a cooler does. They stay much cooler than the air temperature. On a warm day they are the best. Place a 2-5 gallon bottle on the top and the water fills the crock up. Use the spout to pour the pure water into your cup.

  • Crocks with Decal Designs
  • Embossed Crocks
  • Solid Color Crocks
  • Solid with Strip Crocks
  • Marble Design Crocks

Water Stands for 5 Gallon and Crocks

If you do not have a decent place to rest your Crock on such as a counter top, these stands are designed for this purpose. Different colors and sizes ensure that they will go with any decor in any room.

  • Wood Floor Stands
  • Metal Floor Stands
  • Metal and Wood Stands
  • Display Stands

Professional Coolers

In the event that crocks are not your style and you have a bit more space then, these professional coolers will do the trick.

Coolers cool the water to a specific temperature for a nice cold drink. In case heated water is need for a good strong cup of tea made with pure water under those circumstances some coolers can provide pure hot water.

  • Essential Series by Brio
  • Signature Series by Brio
  • Legacy Series by Brio
  • 3000 Series
  • Premier Coolers

Purified Ice Bags

View All Bags of Ice In Inventory. One of our Purified Water Products Trusted buy us
View All Bags of Ice In Inventory

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