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What is Alkaline water and why do we need it?

Alkaline Water Basics:

The Concept: Alkaline water is purified water that has specialized elements that have been dissolved to change the pH level of the water. Simply put, Alkaline water is water with added beneficial ingredients.

The Effects of Alkaline Water:

By creating more alkaline in the body it will create a pH balance that is beneficial for those that do not consume a rich variety of foods. A little known fact is that basic foods naturally give the body a higher and lower pH:

~ Some Alkaline foods: fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, almonds, lettuce, spinach to name a few

~ Some Acidic foods: sodas, coffee, cheeses, milk, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, meats, grains, nuts

Most American people consume fried food, coffee, milk by-products, tons of sweeteners, red meats and bread. Therefore, we can hardly contest this anymore. Due to life being fast paced so its easy to go to McDonald’s and grab a burger, fries and a coke. (Fat-sugar-meat) Because the human blood stays in a very narrow pH range right around 7.3 and the Alkaline scale ranges from 0-6 (Acidic) and acid is 8-14 (Alkaline) the neutral of this scale is 7 pH. Therefore, we are able to control our pH levels via Alkaline Water.

OK, so what do these facts mean for us?

According to doctors a human Alkaline range is a direct sign of being healthy. When a human is the the Acidic range it is a sign of being sick. (more facts…) By keeping our pH in check we are keeping our body HEALTHY or Not Sick as the case may be.

Since, doctors have recommended in the past that we eat foods that contain 75 to 80% alkaline sources. For and example: artificial sweeteners can be found in every food we consume. We are a walking sweetener factory.

What can we do to combat this negative Acidic pH from our food?

Either we eat tons more fruit and vegetables or we change our water diet to a healthy one. Not sure about you but a few glasses of Alkaline Water sounds a little less problematic than a ton of fruit and vegetables.

Alkaline Water cost on average $5-$10 every week. As a result, it is cheaper than spending $100 dollars or more on fruits and vegetables.

Buy Alkaline Water and SAVE Big Green Dollars!

Alkaline water is specially pH balanced to blend flawlessly to our bodies chemistry. It is naturally pH balanced to be above 9.0 for OPTIMUM absorption and Effectiveness. People who use our water claim to feel better the first day! (results may vary with each person)

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