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New Jersey Pandemic Talk

New Jersey Pandemic Simple Strait Talk For The Everyday Person

Get the Real Facts on this Pandemic

Major CDC Links and Information To Help New Jersey Get The Real Facts

New Jersey Pandemic Talk for us in Union City, New Jersey to help our friends and neighbors get the true facts that are available now.

We would like to stress that information should come straight from the CDC website at the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Page (Link Opens in New Tab). They are the Center for Disease Control for a reason. They have been dealing with the nations diseases for a very long time. You can view a time line here of our history of diseases related to the flu. History Of Pandemics (Link Opens in a New Tab).

Questions About This Pandemic for the CDC

We all have tons of questions. The CDC seem to be giving some answers to these important questions. Go to their Questions and Answers Page (Link Opens In New Tab) for answers. We at Alka Pure Water NJ feel it is vitally important to not get in the middle of the information. So this section is for reference of what we found to be helpful. They update it daily! It seems to keep us informed so please, please, please follow their recommendations to avoid any unnecessary deaths and spread.

Valuable Communication Resources from the CDC

We are seeing an overwhelming amount of negative publicity from “news resources”. We would like to help you find the real resources. The CDC Communications Page (Link Opens in a New Tab) is a valuable resources. It has Printable Guidelines and information. Videos about what the virus and how to prevent. There is a travel advisory and most importantly GUIDELINES FOR PUBLIC HEALTH COMMUNICATORS. Public Health Communicators are our public officials like mayors, senators, etc.

Now that we have that out of the way, we can talk about other things. We hope this helps our friends in our community around the our store.

The New Jersey Pandemic and Alka Pure Water NJ

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Yes, We are Open and We are Here To Help You Get Your Water Needs At the Same Prices Before The Pandemic!

Alka Pure Water NJ’s Position On The Prices In This Pandemic

We did not start this business to make gobs of money in the first place. Union City, NJ had the worst water quality in the state. So, we felt it was time to help our friends in Union City.

Price Gouging Due to the Pandemic

Since, we did not start this business to make gobs of money. Our water Prices and ALL prices will remain the same as before this crisis. We feel that price gouging only HURTS our communities. As a result, it does not sit well with us when others do it. In fact, we have always been against such unscrupulous acts.

Sanitation and Safety at Alka Pure Water NJ

Regular hand washing is in place. We are trying to implement the 6 foot rule and educate our customers on staying 6 foot away from each other to prevent the spread. Daily store cleaning has been put in place. Bottles are washed down, cleaned and disinfected even on the new bottles.

We will get through this as a community effort by taking such steps.

Most importantly, we are keeping up with the guidelines at the CDC – Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers at a minimum.

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