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1 Big Bag of Ice Cold Purified Ice Cubes!

Get a Bag of Purified Ice Cubes
So, have us put a bag of cold purified ice cubes in the delivery truck for your next delivery too!

1 Big Bag of Ice Cold Purified Ice Cubes!

8-10 lb. bag of Purified Ice Cubes. Since your putting healthy purified water into your body, it makes sense that you really should have your ice purified also.

You are what you eat or in this case, drink. Ice cubes melt into your favorite drink, which in turn mixes the pollutants from the tap water ice cubes. If you were to use purified water to make your Purified Ice Cubes you can then ensure that your drinking the best of the best.

Would you use a dirty cup over and over again without washing it? No, because you already know it would be contaminating your drink.

We have individual bags all the way up to party quantities (Please call ahead for party quantities to help expedite your order needs).

How good is your water? Check out check out a water quality report from your area. Get A NJ Water Quality Report Here!

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Get a Bag of Purified Ice

Grab a big bag of ice on your next visit to Alka Pure Water!!!

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